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Dylan Freeth

Furniture & Product Designer


2021 Design Guild Mark Award - Corso Tables + Benches
2021 Design Guild Mark Award - Verso Cabinets
2021 Wood Awards (Shortlisted) - Corso Tables + Benches
2017 Design Guild Mark Award - Modulo Storage Units
2017 Blueprint Awards (Shortlisted) - Modulo Storage Units
2016 Design Guild Mark Award - Marino Chair + Sofa
2014 Design Guild Mark Award - Romana Cabinets
2001 Vitra Summer Workshop Competition, Blueprint Magazine - Winner
2000 Habitat Design Award, New Designers Exhibition

Dylan Freeth is a London-based furniture designer. His approach balances people and production - the aim being simple, engaging, durable products that fit beautifully into everyday life.

Dylan re-established his solo studio in 2022. Between 2011 and 2021 he worked as Designer then Senior Designer for Ercol Furniture/L.Ercolani, gaining extensive factory-based experience of designing with wood for industrial production, and a love for the many possibilities the material offers. This period resulted in various award-winning, commercially successful products. From 2005 to 2010 Dylan was self-employed and workshop-based, creating small-batch and bespoke pieces in a wider variety of materials, while also licensing designs to manufacturers Habitat and Mark Product.

Whether designing for factory or workshop, consistent throughout is an economical use of responsible materials, intelligent use of process, and a focus on detail, comfort and tactility - the goal being to create a meaningful connection between user and object.

Dylan holds five Design Guild Mark Awards for excellence in production furniture - most recently receiving two DGMs in 2021 for his Corso tables + benches and Verso cabinets.




Poly Screen

Poly Screen


Built around polypropylene's 'live hinge' capability, flat sheet is CNC machined to create graphic, flexible, free-standing screens in a single component. The rectangular cut-pattern allows the screen to stand either vertically at 1920H, or horizontally at 1440H. The white screen is translucent, the black opaque. Rolls up for compact storage/shipping. 100% recyclable. Designed in 2007.